White Out?!?

CowboyJoeJust a couple of quick random thoughts on a Saturday morning looking ahead to tomorrow’s Divisional Playoff Game between the Cowboys and Giants.

 The Cowboys are calling for a “White-Out” at tomorrow’s game. They want everyone in attendance to wear white so the stands will become a sea of white, so it’ll appear to the teams and, more importantly, to the national TV audience that all of the nation is behind America’s Team.

I see a couple of problems.

One, the temperature is supposed to be 58-degrees at kickoff. In Texas Stadium that’s more like 38-degrees. Have you ever been inside that freezing drafty cave? Every person in attendance is going to be wearing their big puffy coats. And nobody outside of a couple of Mt. Everest pioneers has a white coat. Everybody has white T-shirts. Maybe even a couple of white sweatshirts or sweaters. But not white coats. Even if every single person wants to participate in the Cowboys’ “White-Out” they won’t be able to because of the temperatures.

Which leads me to this: not everybody wants to. Texas Stadium is home to the whine-and-cheese fans. The vast majority of fans at the actual games are only there to show off and to be seen by others. I’m no fashion plate (if you’ve known me for only three seconds you know that) but I don’t think all white has been in style since Don Meredith was quarterbacking Dallas.

 As for the game itself, I can’t wait. Do you realize the Giants and Cowboys are numbers one and two on the list of most playoff appearances in NFL history? And they’ve both been in the NFL/NFC since their inceptions. They’ve belonged to the same division since 1960. But Sunday will mark the very first time they’ve ever faced each other in the postseason. Tons of history here. A clash of two great franchises. I can’t wait.

Romo will not be the story. Neither defense will be the story. Neither run game will be the story. Dare I say, despite the efforts of the TV producers, Jessica Simpson won’t be the story. The story will be Eli Manning and/or Terrell Owens. Eli is capable of lighting up the Cowboys for 300+ yards and 35 points. Very capable. Being the QB in NY and his consistent inconsistency, he’s automatically the national storyline for this game. He could go either way. As for T.O., we already know what this Cowboys’ offense does when he’s not involved. Zero. Or, more accurately I suppose, three. Three, three, three. Field goals, not touchdowns. We’ve also seen what happens when they try to force the ball into Owens. Interceptions. Three-and-outs. Frustration. It could go either way.

I don’t have a prediction on a winner or a final score. It could go either way. That’s why it’s so fun to watch. But I will say this. If Terrell Owens has less than 100 yards receiving and less than one touchdown, the Giants win. I think both teams know that. And if the Cowboys (Romo) try to force those magic numbers into a T.O. who’s not 100% with his burst or his cuts, the Giants DBs are going the other way. I see that as more than just a little likely.

I also can just as easily see Manning gagging big-time under the pressure. I can see him throwing four picks.

Go Giants,


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  1. Jim Gardner

    What’d you do, go into mourning? I’ve been waiting all day for the postmortem, I mean, postgame analysis of the annual Cowboys collapse.


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