What´s Sung On The Bus…

…stays on the bus.

Grace and peace from Sao Paulo, Brazil. No time this morning to post any pictures, although, even if I had the time, I´m not sure I would know how to do it. I´m typing on a computer in the lobbey of the Blue Tree Hotel, waiting for a few of my Central brothers and sisters to make it downstairs for breakfast before we head out for a pretty big Saturday.

Gary´s leadership seminar started off with a bang last night. Today is the main day for that. We´re expecting about a hundred folks for his lessons and Carrie-Anne and I are looking for about 50 kids to teach and entertain during a sorta-kinda VBS.

We have cleaned and spruced up much of the church building here, we´ve painted one of the classrooms, doorknocked the immediate area for our children´s programs and our worship time on Sunday, we´ve worshiped and shared together with the local Christians here in their homes, and we´ve learned the local language. OK, we´re learning the words and phrases we really, really need; trying hard not to speak Spanish; and everyone´s being really kind and gracious to us. Last night we actually went to a local English school to help people who are learning it as a second language. I´ll tell your right now, watching Larry Borger teach English to a 75-year-old Brazilian man who´s never even met an American was worth a million bucks!

We´re going to get up front tomorrow morning during our worship time together and sing Jesus Is Lord in Portuguese. We´re praying that it blesses the church family here that has been so kind and generous to us. After a few practices on the bus last night, we´re not so sure it´s going to bless anybody. Maybe we´ll just let Blake do it solo.

Graca y Pas,


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  1. Mom

    Oh….That all sounds soooooo good. You know I would love to be there with you. Be safe and have a good time and learn a lot. We love you and will see you soon. Dad is 70 now and working in the yard today.

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