Allright, who did it? Who taped the word “Yankees” over the word “Rangers” on my license plate frame? I need to find out who did this, mainly so I can get some kind of an idea of how long I’ve been driving around town with this obscenity on my truck.

My instincts say this only happened sometime yesterday. The Rangers had taken the first three games of the series with Houston to move a game-and-a-half ahead of the Astros in first place in the AL West. Of course, I wore my Rangers jersey to work on Thursday to celebrate the monumental comeback from eight-and-a-half back just five weeks ago. And I notice the “Yankees” vandalism on my ride this morning.

As the only Astros fan on our church staff, Adam Gray is the leading suspect. But one of our solemn elders, Tim McMenamy is a Yankees fan; and he’s at the church building on Thursdays giving spiritual direction (I can only imagine what kind of spiritual direction a Yankees fan is giving out). It might be an individual act of violence against my truck, or it may be a collaboration. If Matthew Blake, who loves a good prank and is pretty tight with both these guys, is in on it, then it officially becomes a felony organized crime.

Any information leading to the identification of the one(s) responsible would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, “Hello, win column!”