So Their Work Will Be A Joy

“Obey them so that that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you.” ~Hebrews 13:17

During our worship assembly this coming Sunday we will join together in acknowledging three godly men who have been ordained by our Lord to serve as additional shepherds here at Central. We will charge these men to accept this calling with humility and compassion, to devote themselves to the Word and to prayer, and to consecrate themselves to the earnest shepherding of this church.

They will pledge to submit to the Lordship of Jesus and to sacrificially serve in the name and manner of Jesus. We will promise to love and honor them, to support them and work with them in unity and good cheer. They will vow to loyally teach and admonish, to lead and protect our church family. We will pledge to obey and submit to these men so their work will be a joy, not a burden.

And we will pray.

Together we praise God for Shelby Stapleton, Warlick Thomas, Jack Vincent, and other men just like them who’ve gone before, on whose shoulders we stand today. They continue to serve as beautiful models of faithfulness and sacrificial service we’re all trying to imitate. We thank God for our current group of shepherds who so steadfastly lead us with a Christ-like blend of courageous boldness and quiet humility. And we praise our Lord for the three we ordain on Sunday: Scott Bentley, Larry Borger, and John Todd Cornett. They add to the leadership their own mix of gentleness and conviction, of joy and love.

May our Father bless our shepherds and their families with his gracious mercy and strength and peace. And may his will be done in us and through us here at Central, just as it is in heaven.


The church staff is scrambling to get our college basketball brackets filled out before the real tournament games begin this Thursday. Mark is probably picking his teams based on his favorite colors. Matthew is ignoring his wedding plans and spending the next 17-straight hours researching his picks on-line. Elaine might be going with the warmer weather city in each matchup. Hannah’s got Todd on speed dial. And Adam should be begging Connie to fill out his bracket for him.

I have paid less attention to college hoops this year than in any other. Ever. Will that work as an excuse when my picks bomb out? I’ve got Duke, Gonzaga, Florida, and Miami in the Final Four with the Gators squeaking by the Blue Devils for the title in Atlanta. Do not — I repeat! — do not copy those picks unless there’s a booby prize for last place



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  1. Lowry

    that Matt spent hours researching THE dance as he prepares for his wedding. … . Brenda and I made our reservations for our honeymoon four months before our wedding. Location Santa Fe. Got there and no rooms available. Ours was there but Final Four was being held in Albequerque. … . What’s a Final Four?

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