The NFL has announced that the Cowboys-Giants game set for prime-time on Sunday December 10 has now been flexed out of the 3:30pm slot to be replaced by Seattle-Jacksonville. Let me repeat: The Cowboys-Giants game has been moved to 12:00 noon on Sunday December 10 in favor of Seahawks-Jaguars.

Let that sink in.

The last time the Giants and Cowboys faced each other at noon on a December Sunday was 2005.

Yes, the Cowboys and Giants play each other twice a year, but their games are a TV exec’s bread-and-butter. This is an intense 60-year division rivalry with two huge fan bases and two of the top media markets in the country. But the game has been moved to noon for Jaguars-Seahawks.

Yes, the Giants are woefully awful this season. Yeah, nobody wants to watch Geno Smith at quarterback for a lame duck coach nobody’s ever heard of. But the now 22-year irrelevancy of the Cowboys is also a factor here that cannot be ignored. Dallas is on its way to yet another .500 or worse season, they won’t make the playoffs, and it’s going to take outsiders — TV executives, NFL brass, jersey sales in Great Britain, whatever — to do what Jerry Wayne won’t: pull the plug on this experiment already!