Instead of taking 15 minutes to read a long blog entry and all the comments today, I’d like you to click on this link, click on my picture at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and watch a 15 minute video.

This is me giving a speech last month for Austin Graduate School of Theology. Austin Grad is raising money to fund a new campus and an M-Div degree and the extra professors and space they need to accomodate that and the increasing enrollment they’re seeing.  President Dr. Stan Reid had asked me to speak at the initial fund-raising dinner, to tell my life story, especially as it pertains to Austin Grad.

 And here it is.

I covered all of it — from my childhood to where we are right now at Legacy. In just 15 minutes.

I watched the video last night after receiving an email from Melissa at Austin Grad alerting me that it was online. And it served as a wonderful reminder to me — like we discussed in yesterday’s blog — of who I am and why I’m here and where I’m going. If you’ve been involved in my life at all over the past 40 years, you’ll find at least parts of the speech interesting. Hopefully.

To everybody from Pleasant Grove, Memorial Drive, Mary Ellen & Harvester, Saturn Road, Marble Falls, Cordova, Edgemere, Mesquite, Pleasant Ridge, North Davis, and Legacy; Dallas Christian, Oklahoma Christian, and Austin Grad; my immediate family, my extended family, and all of Carrie-Anne’s family; to all the good people our Lord has put directly in my path to encourage me and push me and teach me and lead me:

Thank you.