The Rangers’ magic number is 10!Stolen bases. Bunts for singles. Manufactured runs. Claws and antlers. Speed and defense. Two-out hits. Chip away theories. What heat? Dugout hugs. Brooms in the stands. Nolan and Sunny in the front office. I get the feeling that right now, today, the Twins, Rays, and Yankees would rather face each other in the ALDS than these Rangers.


God is FaithfulThat church in Corinth was so messed up. I mean really, really, really. They had their issues. Remember? Paul pointed out their divisions and quarrels. He said they were acting more like the world than the Spirit. Those Christians in Corinth couldn’t agree on anything. They divided between rich and poor, Jew and Gentile, slave and free. They chose sides based economic, cultural, geographical, and class dinstinctions. They bragged about who baptized them. They judged one another’s spiritual gifts. There were culture wars and theological wars within this church.

It was so messed up.

So how can Paul remain so positive about this group? How can he address them as “those sanctified in Christ Jesus” and “holy?” How can he tell them with a straight face, “I always thank God for you?” Paul begins his letter by declaring how wonderful they are. “You have been enriched in every way — in all your speaking and in all your knowledge…you do not lack any spiritual gift.”

How can he do this? Seriously!

Because our God, by his nature, through his character, because of his loyalty, for his name’s sake, has given this church — he’s given every church! — a guarantee:

“He will keep you strong to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.” ~1 Corinthians 1:8-9

God will remain faithful to his promises to ultimately perfect his people. No matter how immature they — we! — act at times, God is faithful to deliver. I’m so thankful that Paul focuses on the faithfulness of God instead of the fickleness of the people.

That should be our focus, too.