I can’t begin to describe how busy it is around the building(s) here at Legacy. I was so used to my little office just off the back corner of the fellowship hall in Marble Falls. I never had to search out an area of retreat or a separate fortress of solitude when I needed to research 8th Century BC Ammonites for a school paper or go over a sermon or spend time with my God in prayer. That little office was isolated in its own way. Plus, there were only three full-time members of the church staff. And aside from the occasional Retired Teachers Association lunch or that month before VBS, there never was a whole lot going on outside Ann’s office up front.

That is NOT the case here.

I remember Don Savage making announcements toward the end of a worship service very early on in our relationship here—this was back last fall—and he said, “This is a church that’s doing things. We’re not like a bunch of other churches not doing anything. This church is busy!” I cringed at the slight to “other churches.” And I smiled and appreciated his energy and enthusiasm for Give Away Day and the other benevolent works of this place. And then two Sundays ago Jack Roseberry made a similar statement from the pulpit, “We’re an exciting church! Exciting in a good way! Not like some churches that are exciting in a bad way. We’re exciting in a good way!” Again, I cringed at the reference to other churches. But I so love the heart and the attitude behind the comments. It seems that everyone here is doing something all the time.

I get here before 8a and there are Jason and Lance with 50 or so teenagers getting ready to go paint houses in downtown Fort Worth. Donna Croft and Sarah up here decorating for a wedding. Shanna Byrnes and several other ladies and half a dozen little kids painting the new Club 56 room and getting it ready for Sunday. Todd and his crew setting up for whatever Boy Scouts, AA, or Weight Watchers meeting is happening that night. The Quilting Ladies moving their tables around upstairs. The Letters From Dad group getting ready for their gathering. The Benevolence Center that’s open every day and doing a tremendous work in this community. This place is busy! And it’s so encouraging to see and hear so many disciples of our Savior busy about the work of our Lord. Praise God!

I seriously doubt I could find any corner anywhere on this sprawling campus, day or night, where I could be completely alone for an hour with my Bible and my God. But I’m still looking.