The incredible partnership between the four downtown Amarillo churches extended into new territory today with the beginning of a “4 Amarillo” week of Bible schools and service projects in our local neighborhoods. We’ve spent all day today, side by side, serving and working together in the name of our Lord Jesus for the sake of his Kingdom. Presbyterians and Baptists, Methodists and CofC’ers, teaching memory verses to little kids in the parks, praising God, making bracelets, painting pictures, and sharing a meal.

The most impressive display of unity and cooperation, though, is to be seen on South Buchanan Street, just a couple of blocks from our church buildings, where a house is being renovated by an army of Christian volunteers. We first came into contact with Ray, the owner of the house, through Christmas in Action, a local charity organization that repairs homes for the elderly and disabled. Ray’s wife, Gloria, suffered a series of strokes during an operation several years ago and is confined to her bed and a wheelchair and requires Ray’s around the clock attention and care. So, by God’s grace, we’re working together to do it up right.













All the windows are being replaced by First Baptist. The kitchen is being completely remodeled by First Presbyterian. Wheelchair ramps are being built and installed by Polk Street Methodist. And Central Church of Christ is widening all the doorways. In addition to that, scores of volunteers are scraping and caulking and painting the exterior of the house, replacing rotting wood and repairing leaky faucets, and cleaning up around the inside and outside of the home. It’s quite the scene!

It’s unbelievable, really.


















It’s beyond my abilities to really write about it. I don’t know how to describe it. I think maybe you have to have lived our CofC traditions, and even bought in to our sectarian arrogance yourself at some point, to fully comprehend and appreciate the magnitude of this. Only God, maybe, knows how truly wonderful this is.

I would ask that you please keep this week long effort in your fervent prayers. Ask our merciful Father to please use the visible unity and cooperation between our churches as an undeniable testimony to our community of the power and grace of God.