With Friends Like These…

Please help bail me out of jail!Most of you know I’m being arrested this Thursday and hauled off to a prison cell (I think it’s a Spring Creek barbecue) in Bedford this Thursday to raise money for MDA. I need to raise $1,480 in “bail” money in order to be released. All the details of the fundraiser can be found here in a post from last week. After writing about it on this blog, I/We had raised a grand total of $30 in six days. So I was forced to send out emails.

They went out late yesterday afternoon. I’m asking for donations for bail money to get me out of jail. These are my friends. And these are some of the responses that came back.

“How much do we pay to keep you in there for a month or so?” ~Rusty Thompson
“How much do we pay to get them to take you away sooner?” ~John West
“You’re going to be stuck there all day!” ~Jason Brown
“Have a good looooong weekend. They do serve bread and water, right?” ~Bill Podsednik

Those were the mild ones. J.Q. Manos came back with this gem: “Sorry, Allan, my check is going to Royal Family Kids Camp. But I will start a jail ministry, come with a pack of cigs and a gallon of water to help you pass the drug test.”

Some of my dear brothers —¬†elders in the Lord’s Church! — acted like the Pharisees crying “Corban!” in using Scripture to avoid the call to duty:

“Paul wrote some of his best stuff from prison.” ~David Watson
“I understand Paul did some of his best and most introspective writing¬†in prison.” ~Jerry Plemons
“No doubt, Paul got much inspiration from his time in prison.” ~Dennis Tom

Yes, that’s true. And when he preached, it seems Paul routinely went past midnight! See you Sunday!

I received this from another of our elders: “Looks like you’ll be there for a while. I’ll look into skyping you in from your jail cell. Better get those sermons memorized. They may not allow crib notes in the cooler” ~Russ Garrison

The best line thus far has come from an old college roommate, Todd Adkins, “Don’t you have an OCC lawyer on permanent retainer?

As of this morning, Tuesday, I/We have raised $150. Thank you. We’ll get there. If you’d like to donate, please click here.




  1. Linda Giles

    Allan, You said that you love the Legacy church, but I didn’t know you love us enough to go to prison for one of us. We are deeply touched that you would do this in Angela’s behalf. In all the years that she has suffered from muscular dystrophy, I have never been in prison to help her (or for any other reason). Gee, I hope you get out before Sunday. We will miss you if you don’t. Maybe you can scratch out a sermon on the concrete wall and send it to us via the camera on the cell phone you sneak in. We don’t want to miss our Sunday morning nap. When you preach until midnight, be sure to bring loaves and fish. No, make that pizza and banana pudding. “Grace and peace to you.”
    Linda Giles

  2. Rob's Dad

    Elvis left the bldg today so I will get a donation in tonight or tomorrow – ok probably tomorrow. After you do your time, let’s compare notes. In the meantime, watch Shawshank to help you get your head right with ball.


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