The tests at UT Medical Center in Dallas only took about an hour and a half. It seemed like the same kinds of tests Whitney’s already done. But they also took a couple of vials of blood for some other testing. An MRI is being scheduled for either Friday or Monday. And we’re set to meet with doctors one week from tomorrow, Thursday the 25th, to go over all the results. So it’ll be at least one more round of tests — hopefully only the MRI — and maybe several days before we know anything at all about Whitney’s swollen optic nerves.

The neuro-opthamologist did tell Carrie-Anne today that Whitney’s eyes, her actual eyeballs, appear to be normal and healthy. So that’s pretty good news.

¬†Whitney appears to be in her normal good spirits, as well. Please, keep our oldest daughter in your prayers. And I’ll keep you updated here.

May our God bless us and all our kids.