“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.”   ~Revelation 14:13

We just got word here at the Legacy church offices that Stan Stafford, our brand new 100-year-old brother in Christ, has died and has passed from this life to the next to be with our Father forever. What a beautiful, bittersweet day.

Please click here to read my post about Stan and the day he was baptized here back in October, 16 days shy of his 100th birthday.

My every encounter with Stan over the past three or four months was uplifting. I’m so grateful to our Lord for the mercy and grace he showed to Stan and for the way our Father used this gentleman to teach us lessons about that same mercy and love. I’m so glad my mom and dad got to meet Stan three weeks ago. I’m grateful for the way the Smiths and the Jennings loved Stan and took care of him and met his needs. And I pray that our Father will send more Stans our way and that we’ll seek out more people exactly like Stan to bring to our Savior.

As I was walking back up the center aisle during the last song this past Sunday morning, Stan shook my hand from his wheelchair parked next to the sound booth at the back of our worship center. He smiled and said, “Great job.” I should have said the same thing to him. Great job.