wbAP RadIo LiFe is cOOL

wbAPRadIoLiFeiscOOLBack in the summer of 2005 when Carrie-Anne and I were making the decision to leave sports radio and enter the preaching ministry full-time, I sought out several trusted sources of wisdom and advice. I talked to preachers and elders and family members and even a couple of people in radio. A great source of encouragement was Ron Rose, at the time the preaching minister at the Woodland West Church of Christ in Arlington.

Ron had been in radio for many years before making the switch to preaching. But he never completely made the switch full-time. He kept up a daily devotional on the air and even hosted a three-hour Christian talk show on the weekends. In ’05 he told me he was in the middle of putting together a full weekend of religious programming, getting the funding and the sponsorships and the on-air talent, and that maybe by the time I got my Master’s at Austin Grad, he’d have a place for me.

Truthfully, once radio gets into your blood you can’t get it out. It’s a sickness. It’s a disease. Every now and then I miss being behind the microphone, answering the calls, engaging the listeners in earnest debate.

Well, Ron called me a couple of months ago with an opportunity I just can’t pass up. Starting in May, I’m going to be hosting a three-hour religious call in show on Sunday mornings on WBAP. Yes, the home of the Dallas Stars and Hal Jay and Ted Sorrells and even Legacy’s own J Bailey. In fact, J’s been very instrumental in making this happen for me. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

There’s a bit of a conflict with our Sunday morning assemblies here at Legacy. But we think we have it worked out pretty well. With our tremendous recent success in hooking up live with our missionaries in Ukraine and Australia via the miracle of the internet skype, it seems the next logical step would be to utilize that technology on a full-time basis in our regular worship assemblies. Imagine, the Legacy church family gathering on a Sunday morning to sing and pray and worship our God. And then at straight down 10:30am, we go live to the WBAP studios for a simulcasted sermon / religious talk show. For 30-minutes I can preach and/or discuss the passage and topic of the day. It can be interactive with callers and with our people in the pews. Our own members could call in or text questions and comments via their cell phones. A true 21st century multi-media worship experience!

I’ll be right there on the screens, so it’ll be fine. In fact, it’ll be even better. Allan-Enhanced. Allan-HD. Legacy-To The Max!

Tim Sharpe’s working on some brand new 3-D technology that we might could implement soon. We could make our 5th Sundays our Legacy 3-D Sundays and all wear the glasses together and watch the sermon. The possibilities are endless.

We wanted to kick this off in APRIL but FOOLish dragging of our feet on a few of the technological issues has slowed us down. We’re targeting Sunday May 3, the week after our Legacy 50th Anniversary.

I hope you’re as excited about this new opportunity as I am. Stay tuned for more. I’ll keep you informed as more details become available.




  1. Danny in Lake Highlands

    Love the techology change!

    The problem is with the HD screen – isn’t that a bit expensive, especially given the economy? Couldn’t you just stay with what you have? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on mission work?


  2. Allan

    We think that if we can make our worship services more technologically advanced, we’ll attract more people to our church. It is mission work! More and better screens equals more Christian conversions. It’s actually a very smart use of our resources. We’re one month away. Today is APRIL 1st. Or do you think this whole thing is FOOLish?

  3. James Prather

    Wow, with amazing and powerful technologies Like that, why would you even need to go to church?! Just stay at home with a webcam and log onto the new super sweet program to see everyone at the same time. Welcome to Virtual Jesus 2.0!

    hmmm…maybe that is a bit “foolish.”

  4. Rob's Dad

    I’m ok with the change although I’d like to see how the numbers work out to see if it really makes sense dollar-wise.

    Couldn’t you get a better station than WBAP?

  5. Danny in Lake Highlands

    It’s not foolish. I’m just concerned with the cost.

  6. Jenn

    Funny, Alan, Funny…Happy April Fool’s day….

  7. Jesse

    See…THIS is how nasty rumors get started. Before you know it, we’ll end up on some CoC hate website or something.

    But…good one.


  8. Debbie

    OK…you really had me going there for a minute. I am SOOO gullible!!

  9. Wray

    Luckily I heard about this from you last night, but I could see how someone could fall for this hook, line, and sinker. Too bad they over looked the FOOLish idea in the end…

  10. Tim Sharpe

    Does this mean I have to turn the 3-D glasses back in?

  11. jason reeves


  12. Paul D

    The Athiest is not only the FOOLish one!!!!!

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