Just when long-suffering Cowboys fans finally had something to be proud of. Just when a dramatic comeback win in the playoffs had eased the stigma of so many mediocre years and embarrassing finishes. Just when it appeared the dark cloud hovering over the Cowboys was beginning to lift and a bright shining ray of hope was beginning to break…

…the cameras showed us this in Jerry Wayne’s box.

Thank you so much to the Fox¬†Sports camera crew and production staff¬†for catching and broadcasting Chris Christie’s failed high-five / man hug / Jones family noogie. It provided an immediate and much needed boost after I watched Dallas hand the game to Detroit for three hours and the Lions hand it right back. Thank you to every web-site, news and sports media outlet, and blogger for posting the pictures and videos from the owners box. It brings everything back into focus: no matter what they might happen to accomplish on the field, as long as Jerry Wayne is running that team, it must really be embarrassing to root for the Cowboys.