I’m ashamed to admit, more than a couple of times in my life I’ve been suckered into the “Buy 14 CDs for a penny and never have to buy anything else ever again!” It took a few times, but I don’t trust those offers anymore. I don’t trust Joe Isuzu. I have a hard time trusting politicians, lawyers, used-car salesmen, and college football coaches.

Jesus is no used-car salesman. He doesn’t hold out his hand and call me friend so he can take what’s mine and make it his. He seeks me out to save me and to enjoin me in an eternal relationship.

The apostles trusted him. They left homes and families and jobs and security in exchange for ridicule and rejection and suffering and instability. They followed him all the way to Jerusalem knowing they were heading straight into the teeth of big trouble.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me.”

Is Jesus trustworthy?

Look back over your own life and your own experiences with Jesus. Every single time he’s warned me, by calling it sin, that some action will be harmful he’s been exactly right. Every time his teachings tell me to make the tougher and better choice, he’s been right. When he promises to take care of me, he’s always right. He’s never been wrong. He’s never failed me or forsaken me. Sometimes it takes a while — sometimes years — for me to see it and understand it. But his track record with me is spotless. It’s perfect because his motivation is perfect.

“Trust me.” The apostles did. I do. And you can, too.


Pal&CookieValerie didn’t get a lizard yesterday. It was a gerbil. She named it Cookie.

I just don’t want to see a bunch of little chocolate chips all over her bedroom carpet.