“We have different gifts according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is…serving, let him serve.” ~Romans 12:6-7

One problem with being a servant in God’s Church is that the person gifted to serve sometimes doesn’t realize how important his or her gift really is. He hesitates to even offer it. She might seek other gifts instead. The servant isn’t leading visible, out front, out loud, center stage ministries and he feels unimportant. Un-needed. She might feel small in God’s Kingdom.

Part of that is the Church’s fault.

We place too much emphasis on the bigger and louder gifts. We exalt the more visible and high-profile graces from God. Those gifts get more ink in the church bulletin. But in God’s economy, all spiritual gifts are exactly the same.

God can move mountains when you stuff a toy dog for a child at “The Bridge.” God can mend broken hearts when you move furniture and change out sheets and pillowcases at “Martha’s Home.” God can heal wounded souls when you sing at “Another Chance House.” God reveals his glory when you serve someone in his name.

All these gifts are critical to the community of faith. If they’re not exercised — or properly appreciated — we lose some of what we are intended by God to be because we’re not operating at full strength. We’re not functioning as a whole body.

Holding the songbook for the older lady next to you is an exercise of a spiritual gift. It’s just as important as what the preacher’s doing up there. And, probably, a whole lot more meaningful to her.