I’m wrapping up my first-ever week long sabbatical at Mike & Becky’s cabin in the mountains of Angel Fire, and I’m totally distracted by the snow. Completely. It has snowed a little bit every day, tiny little sporadic flakes here and there. But it hasn’t amounted to much; it’s been melted away each time in just a couple of hours. But I woke up this morning to a consistent snowfall. And it’s still coming down. Three-and-a-half inches and counting.

And it’s just absolutely beautiful. It’s so very, very pretty. The way the snow sticks to the knots on the Aspen trees. The way it blankets everything in such a clean and bright white. Just gorgeous. Breath-taking. What a blessing from God; what a reminder of his superior creativity, his incredible genius, and his love for great beauty. Very cool.

I know I shouldn’t even be writing about this, much less posting these pictures. My friends and family back in Amarillo are experiencing one of the worst weather weeks in recent memory. I hear the “snow” there was brown and came in sideways Tuesday and Wednesday. People there are still hacking up mud clots. Here in the mountains, the snow is white and fluffy. And it gently and quietly falls straight down.

Those of you who expressed concern about me being all alone in a cabin in the mountains for a whole week, rest easy. I’m good. Of course, I’m hearing the sounds of a little boy on a Big Wheel rolling up and down the tile floors in the hallway and I find myself typing the exact same sentence over and over again…