The first event of our “Together @ Central” summer Wednesday night series featured nationally-acclaimed illusionist Jared Hall and it was a smashing success. We flew Jared in from his home base of Nashville and he amazed us by duplicating hot sauce bottles, making eggs disappear into thin air, levitating a table, relocating cell phones, and closing out with an incredible math trick that we can’t even come close to figuring out.








We’re spending our Wednesday nights this summer celebrating and enjoying the relationships we have with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ by just relaxing and being together in unique worship and entertainment experiences both in our church building and in the Amarillo community. And our kickoff event did not disappoint. Jared Hall was hilarious, he was super good with the kids, and he absolutely mesmerized the adults. He also sold a ton of those Rocky Raccoon puppets after the show. Slick.






The way I see it, very few of us would know each other if it weren’t for Christ Jesus. I know that Carrie-Anne and I would have never met any of these people in Amarillo if it weren’t for our Lord, much less love all of them the way we do. And we think it’s a good idea to just chill out every now and then, praise God for the blessings of people, and enjoy being together. That’s the plan at Central this summer.

We’ll hear the power of our Lord through the spoken word Gospel of poet David Bowden, we’ll sing songs of praise at the Botanical Gardens and paint a congregational mural in Sneed Hall, we’re planning to eat ice cream at school and peanuts and Cracker Jack at a baseball game, and we’re hosting Uno tournaments and wild animals. We’re going to bask in the creativity of our God, we’re going to delight in his good gifts, we’re going to just relax and have a good time in his presence.


Our series continues tomorrow evening at the brand new downtown ballpark as more than 300 of us are sitting in the right field seats together for an Amarillo Sod Poodles baseball game. Can you imagine?!? We’re canceling church for a baseball game!!! Some of our own young people will participate in the on-field between-innings promotional stunts, it’s “Wiener Wednesday” so all the hot dogs are one-dollar each, and I’m planning to eat for the cycle.

If you’re in Amarillo and looking for something fun to do on Wednesday nights with a really great group of people, check out the full schedule of “Together @ Central” events on our church website.