LegacyInTheSnowFriday morning following the Blizzard of ’08. I’m running late for the Annual Four Horsemen Advance with Jason, Kevin, and Dan. We’re going to Tyler this year. I’m supposed to be at Dan’s house in Forney in less than 90-minutes and I’m nowhere close to ready yet. Whitney’s mouth looks like Helter Skelter right now with all the blood and saliva and stitches and swelling. Bless her heart. It’s really horrible. But the doctors say everything went perfectly well, they were able to do everything they needed to do with her gums, and she should be just fine in about a week. Carrie-Anne’s taking her back to the doctors at 1:00 this afternoon for a checkup. Thank you so much for your prayers and your cards and your well-wishes for the Whitster this week.

 I’ll be able to get everybody caught up on everything Monday. But I did want to post a few pics this morning of our snow. I measured 3-1/4 inches in our front yard at about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. As always, click on the pics for the full size. Everybody have a great weekend.

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