Dearest Carley,

We’re beaming today, sweetie. We’re so proud of you. We admire so much your unique talents and abilities and we’re amazed by your single-minded determination to live your life with excellence. It’s been an exciting four years at Canyon High School, the fun “experiment” with the golf team, all the retreats and mission trips, your expanding circle of great friends, and your wild success at Palm Beach Tans. We have so enjoyed every minute of watching you mature and flourish into a beautiful, confident, godly young lady.

Our God has placed kind and loving people in your path, Carley. Those friends and those teachers who love you so much are a gift from our God. Jenise Blankenship is a blessing from God. So are Dale and Karen, Steve and Becky, and Aleisha and Blu. Craig and Donna. Tanner. Derrell Havins. They all love you very much. And they have each played important roles in shaping you into the Christ-like woman you are becoming.

We clearly see our Lord’s servant heart reflected in your acts of compassion and concern for others. We see his joy in your smart sense of humor and your hearty laugh. We see his peace when you handle teenage drama with a more even keel. And we see his grace in the way you take care of others.

Some parts of you, Little Bear, will never change. You’re probably always going to eat potato chips in bed. You’ll forever love Sponge Bob and The Lion King. You’ll always melt and say, “Awww…” when you see a puppy. You’ll always enjoy listening to Tom Petty and Aerosmith, watching 1980s movies, and eating grapes. You’ll keep drinking exotic waters, reciting Seinfeld lines, making salsa, and taking 45-minute showers. And you’ll never stop blessing our family and filling our lives with your inexhaustible love, joy, and laughter.

There’s no denying that you are grown up and equipped and ready for everything that’s coming in your future. We are so proud of you and what our God is shaping in you. You are a beautiful, talented, funny, super-smart, wonderful daughter of God. He shines out of every facet of your complex personality and adorable little quirks. You reflect Jesus. And it’s fabulous. We’re very proud to be Carley’s parents.

May our God bless you richly, daughter. May he strengthen you and empower you by his Holy Spirit to live the rest of your life the way you’ve lived these first few years. May he continue to work through you to spread his love and grace to others. May your life bring him eternal glory and praise. And may you walk with him always, Carley, faithful to the end.

We love you.

Mom and Dad
Senior Sunday 2018