A memorial service for our dear brother Stan Stafford is being held tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, November 25, at 3:00 at the Legacy Church of Christ. Stan passed from this life to the next overnight Monday, at the age of 100, to be with our Father forever. Stan came to the Legacy church early this past summer seeking assistance from our benevolence center. And when Kenny Smith invited him to our assembly the following Sunday, Stan told us it was the first time in his entire life anyone had ever invited him to church. Stan was baptized Sunday morning, October 7,  in a moving ceremony just 16 days before his 100th birthday. What a wonderful testimony to God’s grace and mercy and love. And what a beautiful lesson to all of us about that same mercy and love of our God that knows no limits.

 To the Legacy church family: let’s all do our very best to attend Sunday’s memorial. It gives us a terrific opportunity to honor Stan, to thank God for his life and his inspiring last couple of months with us, and also to encourage his family. I know for certain that at least one of Stan’s sons and one of his daughters will be at the service Sunday. Let’s do all we can to be there for them as an overwhelming witness to the love of Christ as experienced in his Church.

Jesus tells us in John 13 that our love for each other and exposing others to the love we have for each other is our best evangelistic tool. They’ll know we are disciples of the Lord when they see the love we had for Stan.