Revive Us Again

“Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?”

                                                                                                   ~Psalm 85:6

The prayers of Scripture, just like the promises of Scripture, never grow old. They don’t deal with the changing surface or the shifting circumstances of life. They deal with the living heart and the constant needs of mankind. And so God’s people pray for revival. And the Lord promises revival.

Revival has come to represent extraordinary religious activities marked by large numbers of dramatic conversions. We think of tents and loud preachers and all-night singings.

All it really means is a strengthening and elevating of life. And since God is the creator of all life, the one who gives life and sustains life, revival is God’s work. Revival is a gift from God.

As much as we may try with worship technologies and preaching philosophies and the arrangement of chairs and programs, we can’t manipulate it or manufacture it. Revival comes from God.

And when it comes, it is recognized by a deeper consciousness of sin and need and weakness and dependence on our Father. It’s characterized by an increased spirit of prayer — more urgent, more intentional, more frequent prayer. And it shows itself in a growing love of God’s truth. The Bible will be dearer to us and his love for us through Christ will be sensed more deeply.

Pray for revival at the Lord’s Church at Legacy. Prepare for revival. The God we serve is able to do more through us and for us than we can ever ask or imagine.

“Blessed is the people whose God is the Lord!”


Legacy Worship Center Construction Update


They’ve actually put down the stakes outlining the outside walls of the new worship center and the zig zag pattern they’re going to have. It’s hard to tell from the pictures. I’ve tried to put them side by side here so you can kind of see the whole thing in one shot. Sort of.


SeanLandetaJust six days until football season. And the all-time greatest #6 is a punter, for crying out loud! Sean Landeta, who wore #6 at Towson State, played for 22 years in the NFL and is the league’s all-time leader in punts (1,401) and punts downed inside the 20 (381). His 43.3 yards per punt career average is fifth best all-time and his 42 yards playoff average is third best in history. Four different times he led the NFL in punting, finishing in the top three eight more times. He only went one season in his pro career without at least one 60 yard punt. And of all his 1,401 career punts, only six were ever blocked. He won two Super Bowl rings with the Giants where he spent over half his career. He’s the Rams all-time leader in punts. He once kicked a 74 yard punt while playing for the Buccaneers. And in ’98 he downed 30 inside the 20-yard line as a Green Bay Packer. Landeta also won two titles with the old Baltimore Stars of the USFL. And he kicked a 57 yard field goal in 1980 with Towson State.

PaulHornungTomorrow’s #5 is The Golden Boy, Paul Hornung. Hornung did it all for the championship Packers of the late ’50s and mid-60s. He could run, he could pass, he could punt, and apparantly he could even fly. He led the Pack to NFL Championships in 1961, ’62, and ’65, leading the league in scoring three times and winning the NFL MVP award twice. He scored an NFL record 176 points in 1960. And he made it to two Pro Bowls.

The blight on Hornung’s record is the gambling. He was suspended by the league for one season in 1963 for gambling on his own team and then wound up playing three more years after that, finishing his nine year pro career with 760 total points, 62 TDs, 66 field goals, and 190 PATs. He’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

And here’s the cool trivia: while at Notre Dame, Hornung became — and still is — the only Heisman Trophy winner to ever come from a losing team. The Fighting Irish went 2-8 in 1956. But the Golden Boy, who did it all, was good enough to be named the best player in college football.

Ladanian Tomlinson gets honorable mention at #5, the number he wore at TCU. But let’s give him a little more time.


FourHorsemenThe Four Horsemen ride again this afternoon. I thank God for the times he allows us to meet together and encourage one another and pray for each other and our families. I’m not sure where I’d be if it weren’t for the influence of these godly men. But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be preaching. Thanks, guys. Looking forward to this afternoon.




  1. Chris

    Revival to me has a bit of negative connotation – I picture Elmer Gantry yet I like your point of strengthening and elevating.

    #6 – i know you are doing gymnastics when all you can come up with is Sean Landetta. The pickings are pretty slim – all the Cowboys had was Luis Zendejas.

    #5 – hands down the best but he got the Heisman due in part to racism. Jim Brown 5th?

  2. Allan

    The sermon Sunday morning is on revival as a gift from God and Sunday evening’s message will contain a few followup illustrations and points. I just wanted some of y’all at least thinking about it this w/end.
    I don’t think Landeta’s a stretch. Come on! I had to have a kicker/punter in there somewhere. And you can’t argue w/his numbers. As a whole, he’s the best.
    What’s the Jim Brown question? I’m lost.

  3. Chris

    Jim finished 5th in the Heisman voting the year Horning won.

  4. Susan Clifton

    Alan, I teach French to grades K-5 at Bethesda Christian School. When you were talking about the meaning of “revival” I couldn’t help but think of the French word for living “vivant.” When I hear “revival”, I think “living again!”

  5. Susan Clifton

    By the way, the only football that really matters is Tennessee Volunteer football!

  6. Susan Clifton

    This is the first time I’ve ever blogged.

  7. Allan

    Susan, where were you four days ago? I could have used the French “vivant.” In fact, I’m using it from here on out. I love that concept, that picture of “living again.” Excellent.
    Welcome to the blog.
    I spent one year in Memphis hosting an afternoon drive sports talk show on WHBQ. 1998. Tee Martin’s national championship season with the Vols. Having experienced all of that up close, I still say Burnt Orange beats Big Orange any day. Hook ’em!

  8. Susan Clifton

    Allan, did you realize that if it hadn’t been for Tennessee, there would be no Texas? I’m thinking of men like Davy Crocket and Sam Houston.
    I hate to bring this up, but Tennessee is much brighter than Texas. (The school colors, too!)
    If you don’t believe me, ask Steve Fleming!

  9. Allan

    You had me until you said “ask Steve Fleming!”

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