Pray for the Whitster

WhitneySpecsMuch, much more on the topic of church culture and our Christian youth in about an hour. Right now, I would ask that you please lift up our oldest daughter, Whitney, in prayer to our Father. She goes in at 10:00 this morning for those follow-up tests on her swollen optic nerves. Please pray that her new bifocals are easing the strain on her nerves and the swelling is going down. I’ll pass on the info as soon as we know something.

 Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and sweet encouragement over the past couple of weeks with her.



  1. Kyle Futrell

    I’m praying right now for Whitney and we will include her in our class tonight.

  2. David W.

    Praying right now… Blessed be the name of the LORD… David

  3. Tiersa

    Whit! You look fabulous!
    Love you – T

  4. Bob Henderson

    The Henderson family prayers are with you Whitney and I miss teaching you. Good Luck my sister.

    Bob Henderson

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