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At 5:00 this afternoon there will be about 40 of us at Polk Street Methodist packing up 500 bags of supplies for our four downtown elementary schools. We’ll be working alongside another 120 or so Christians from the other three “4 Amarillo” churches in our first official service project in this partnership.

And I would really like for you to pray. Would you, in fact, stop what you’re doing just for a moment and lift up this evening’s event to our Father? Even if you don’t live in Amarillo, even if you and I have never met, would you please pray?

Ask our God to continue his powerful work of breaking down the denominational barriers that divide us so we can be brought together in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Ask our God to use our efforts to bless the needy school children in our area and their families with his love and grace.

Ask our God to show people through our partnership that Jesus really is the Prince of Peace and that he really has the will and the power to reconcile all people to himself and to one another; that people will be drawn to Christ when they see the love we have for one another.

Ask our God to do great things through this project that will result in all glory and honor being given directly to him.

There will be many more opportunities for worship and service with the “4 Amarillo” churches. This is the first one. This one sets the tone. This one breaks the mold. I was telling a production engineer from a local TV station yesterday about this partnership between our four churches and his eyes got wide and his mouth dropped open. “Has this ever happened before? he asked.

I answered, “Not in my lifetime. Not in my experience.”

He said, “It sounds big.”

“It is,” I replied. “It’s really big. And I have no idea what our God is going to do with it. But we’re committed to it and committed to trusting God to do with it what he wants.”

Would you please pray about it right now? God bless you. God bless our city. And may his will be done here just as it is in heaven.



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  1. jessica weeks

    Hey there, just stumbled on your blog! Long time no see– Things look to be going well for you, miss your sweet family lots!


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