(I’m writing today’s message about peanut butter in hopes you will “spread” it around.)

The grocery carts have been secured, the children have been alerted, and the Snack Pack volunteers are ready to collect 700 jars of peanut butter at our worship assembly here at Central this coming Sunday. As most of you know, Central is the Snack Pack funder, organizer, and deliverer for Bivins Elementary. This important program provides food for the weekend for young children living in poverty in our church neighborhood who get their breakfast and lunch free of charge at school. Without Snack Pack, a lot of these at-risk kids would go hungry between lunch Friday and breakfast Monday morning.

In order to finish out the school year in style, we need more peanut butter. We need lots and lots of peanut butter. Skippy, Jif, Great Value, or Peter Pan. Smooth or crunchy. Regular or honey-flavored. It doesn’t matter. We need peanut butter.

The homework assignment is to bring a 16-ounce jar of peanut butter with you into the worship center at 10:15 this Sunday morning. Every single person, young and old, needs to bring a jar of peanut butter to offer. If you have a family of four, you need to bring four jars of peanut butter. Then — get ready — at some early point in the service, we’ll push the carts down the aisles and send all our little kids out into the pews to collect the jars and fill up the buggies.

It’ll be loud, a little chaotic, and a whole lot of fun. God will be praised and needy children in Amarillo will be blessed in the name of Jesus.

So, bring your 16-ounce jar(s) of peanut butter with you this Sunday morning. Good. Thank you. I hope this reminder “sticks.”