Monday afternoon. Eight days since our Dry Bones lesson at Legacy. Two more emails, another card, and another phone call today about that lesson. It still blows me away. And, apparently, a lot of you are still thinking about it, too.

Allow me to use this space to make one more observation about that day.

You keep telling me it was a great day. Why?

On August 1 we presented a needy family to our Legacy congregation and nearly 400 people responded that hour with money and jobs and transportation and food and housing. You told me it was a great day. Why?

The men’s ministry held its 24 Hours of Prayer last month. So many of you told me how powerful it was, how important it was, how good it made you feel. You told me it was a great weekend. Why?

Here’s what I think: I think these moments and these days and these times are so powerful and so moving and make us feel so much closer to our God and to one another because, in those moments and during those times, we’re not thinking about ourselves. We’re thinking about other people. We’re not worried about ourselves. Our attention is fully riveted on the needs of others.

My personal preferences take a back seat when I’m holding the names of eight people in our church who are suffering with cancer. They’ve asked me to pray for them. In that situation, my personal comforts go straight to the back burner. And so do yours.

How can I complain about anything — especially church stuff! — when I’m concentrating on the four or five people in my family who don’t know Christ? I’m not going to argue or debate anything when I’m trying to help Tim find a job.

When we’re thinking about others, when we’re praying for others, when we’re more concerned about others, we are living into what it means to be Christ. This is our God-created, God-ordained purpose. He made us to take care of others. When we do that, we’re being Christ-like. That’s why it feels so good. That’s why it’s so powerful. When we think of others instead of ourselves, we live better. We worship better. We pray better. We love better. Everything’s better.

The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve.

Yeah, us, too.


Yes, I’m worried about Josh Hamilton’s ribs. Yes, I’m aware that David Murphy is not even close to 100%. I know the Rangers have lost 13 of their past 16 games to the Rays, including a three-and-oh sweep at Tropicana Field three months ago. I know the Rangers have the worst road record of any playoff team and the worst record in day games of any playoff team.

I know.


…Cliff Lee goes eight innings in a 4-2 Rangers win on Wednesday. Texas comes home tied 1-1 after a loss in a barn-burner on Thursday. And then they take both games in Arlington to advance to the ALCS for the first time in history.

Don’t ask how or why. It’s time. It’s just time.