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December 3, 2008

Just like the college football season itself, the “KK&C Top 20″ is a grind. It’s a war of attrition. Only the strong survive. As the games have become more important and the voting more critical, our panelists have been dropping like Joe Paterno’s _____. (Insert your own body part joke there. I’m exhausted.) A record-low nine pollsters chimed in this week, even with the extra 36 hours to cast their ballots. And the results are disconcerting.

It could be that everyone’s so distraught over the injustice perpetrated on the world by the unhindered evil of the BCS that we all feel powerless. Or confused. The top Sooners fan among our panelists, Paul D, actually voted the Longhorns #1. I think we’re all a little disoriented.

Texas is the new #1 team in this week’s poll with a total of 168 points, followed by Alabama, Florida, and OU in a three-way tie for second with 166 points each. I did the math three times. I can’t believe that in this most controversial week of the college football year, our poll isn’t able to clear up a crying thing. It only makes sense, I suppose, to have this kind of a mess at the top of our list, too. Good gravy.

It’s a shame Texas and OU didn’t play each other in the regular season.

On the positive side, the hard-core panelists who’ve remained in the game certainly brought their best. The comments this week were especially entertaining. Hooper’s remark that Florida’s not that good, they just “play in a weak conference” was a well-played jab. David B’s proposed solution to determining a national champ is intriguing. Jim G. worked long and hard to get an old standard gag back, passing along this comment from a University of Washington message board: “I hear they’re going to talk to Mark Mangino. That would be a HUGE hire!” Nice. This week also marks the return of Oregon’s Ducks to the Top 20. And Charlie J. didn’t disappoint.

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