Moving Day

Most of you know I like to post here at least three or four times a week. But it’s just been impossible lately. Impossible. This brief post will serve as a quick update on our situation and plans. And my intent is to begin a regular blogging schedule again this coming Monday. From the Central Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas!

Today is moving day. Everything we own is boxed up and labeled either “apartment” or “storage.” The movers will be here later this morning and then we’ll follow them up to Amarillo this afternoon, sleep in one of the six thousand hotels on I-40, and then meet them at our apartment on Bell Street tomorrow morning to begin the unpacking. I can’t wait to speak to our brothers and sisters at Central Sunday morning and tell them “thank you” and how excited we are to begin. (I just hope I can locate something other than a pair of shorts and a T-shirt by then.) And then a staff meeting Monday and we’re off and running.

In the meantime, please pray for us as we begin this next phase of our Christian ministry. May God use us in powerful ways to advance his Gospel. Pray for our girls. May our Father bless them with great new friends and experiences. Pray for Central. May our Lord’s righteous and holy will be done there just as it is in heaven. And please pray for Legacy. May our gracious God bless the members with encouragement. And may he bless the Legacy shepherds with peace.

Next stop: Amarillo!




  1. Fred

    Makes me tired just reading about it. God bless and God speed to all of you. I know you’ll be ready Sunday, but don’t forget to set the alarm. You wouldn’t want to be late the first time. I would probably sleep through the service after all that work.

  2. Rob's Dad

    65 Toss Power Trap for the last time in North Texas


  3. Janet

    So much to say – no words to express it. You will be greatly missed. May God bless all of you with each step of your journey as you seek to serve Him.

  4. Allan

    We drove both cars through some pretty good rain showers in Childress, got pulled over by DPS for a burned out license plate light, listened to a Rangers win, kept each other company with texts and flashing lights, stopped three times for potty breaks and caffeine, and rolled into Amarillo at straight up 2am.

    It’s 10am now, Saturday. We’re leaving the room for a late breakfast and then meeting the moving truck and all our possessions at noon.

    Tom Petty’s “The Apartment Song” keeps running through my head.

  5. Paul D

    I would not go so far to say that you had anything to do with it but after you left town it rained!!!!!!

  6. Shannon Caddell

    Hey Allan,
    Shannon Caddell here, now of Wise County and Decatur Church of Christ for about a year now. (still 6 kids, no more-no less). We were looking forward to your scheduled Wednesday out at Decatur in August and then we found out that you weren’t coming because of your move. And then we were actually coming back from our Colorado vacation, stayed in Amarillo that night you guys got there so we missed you then too. Just thought I would say hello and say good luck out there. And I discovered that Rick Ross has a blog by clicking on some of your links and seeing his name there. He should advertise that better.

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