The apartments are better than the dorms at Oklahoma Christian University and our middle daughter, Valerie, has now made the move. It took less than 30-minutes Friday morning to transfer all her stuff from our two vehicles to the inside of her new apartment. But it took another six hours to get everything organized, hung up, and put away.

Bulletin boards and hand-crafted signs, shower caddies and curtains, pillow cases and comforters, and about 300 T-shirts. Half of every thing Valerie owns now is branded with Theta, which is fine with me. A whole bunch of her T-shirts and caps bear Delta logos, which is so cool! But for some reason she owns half a dozen Kappa shirts, which makes no sense to me — I wouldn’t hang those up for her.

After cheeseburgers and cheese fries at The Garage, we made a last run to the store for necessities: chips, ice cream, cereal, PB&J, DDP — you know. Then we helped her clean everything up, took a couple of pictures with Rayna, her roommate, and Rayna’s sister, Markie, who was Valerie’s Theta Big Sister last year, and headed home.

Val is one of the counselors for the Earn Your Wings or Take Flight or whatever they call the freshmen and transfers orientation this week. She had a training Friday night and the orientation begins this evening. And, have I told you? She’s changed her major to youth ministry!

She’s surrounded by really good people at OC, she’s listening to the leading of our Lord, and she’s giving herself to him and his Kingdom. We couldn’t be happier or more proud.

Here’s wishing you a fabulous semester, Valerie. I believe God has you exactly where he wants you. Follow him. Pay attention to what he’s doing in you and through you for the sake of his holy will. Work hard, learn a lot, be sweet. I can’t wait to hear all about your Bible and ministry classes.