What a great start to our “Marriage Matters” series yesterday at Central! We had great attendance, an uplifting song service, an inspiring time together around our Lord’s table, a profound moment of prayer for our marriages, and a brilliantly crafted and executed sermon. But all anybody wants to talk about is the video!

Yes, the video.

From the tip of Steve Rogers’ bandana to the seat of Wayland Danile’s Levis, the video featuring our own married couples was the hit of the┬áservice and the water-cooler topic all day today. Our thanks to Leon & Marilyn, Tom & Carol, Shelby & Patsy, Bobby & Polly, Steve & Judy, and Wayland & Barbara for their (mostly) willing participation. And our plea for their forgiveness for the five other videos that are in the works.

In case you missed it yesterday or in case you want to be mesmerized all over again by Shelby’s on-camera charisma, just click here to see the full video on our church website.