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Preseason Poll August 20, 2008

1. Georgia (304 total, 8 1st place) “must play LSU, Auburn, and ‘Bama in SEC West” ~A.G.
2. USC (300, 5)
3. Ohio State (265, 2) “Buckeyes will run the table after losing to USC” ~A.G.
4. Oklahoma (255) “Overrated, as usual” ~M.D.
5. LSU (234, 2) “Only if little Matt decides he wants to be a real QB. I’m not sold yet.” ~J.G.
6. Florida (232)
7. Missouri (205)
8. Texas (192) “Go, Colt!” ~J.G.
9. West Virginia (172) “Weak schedule” ~A.G.
10. Auburn (163)
11. Kansas (135) “Jayhawks were a fluke last year. They’ll be a fluke this year, too.” ~M.D.
12. Clemson (141)
13. Wisconsin (134)
13. Virginia Tech (134)
15. Tennessee (94) “Yawn…SEC” ~J.R.
15. Texas Tech (94) “Needs more respect…and a defense” ~M.H.
17. Arizona State (62) “Keep feeding Trinity H.S. ‘05 State Champion running back Dimitri Nance!” ~J.R.
18. BYU (48) “Lucky to be in the MWC” ~M.D.
19. Illinois (29)
20. Oregon (22) “Those crazy Nike unis getting some love” ~M.H.

Also receiving votes: UT-Arlington  (20) “If we make them the #1 team in the country, they’ll have to give them a football team” ~T.S.; Michigan (19); Penn State (12) “In honor of Joe Paterno’s 120th year of coaching” ~D.B.; South Florida (9); UCLA (11) M.R. voted for them twice; Boston College (10); Cincinnati (6); Alabama (4).

Click on the green “KK&C Top 20” tab in the upper right hand corner of this page to see the complete poll and pictures and bios and links to all 20 of our pollsters. I haven’t figured out how to record comments on that page. So any of your observations will have to be made here by clicking the regular “comments” line. The first regular season poll will be released Tuesday September 2.




  1. Dan B.

    You haven’t played fair with the other pollsters by using Charlie’s Who’s Who picture from his aggie days. I’m happy to report Charlie has cleaned up his act a little bit; the cigars are now a thing of the past. Our elders have had a little bit of influence on him; it’s reported holding a couple of paychecks proved to be good motivation to stop the cigars. We are still working on his taste in sports coats; the aggie sartorial consultant really messed him up. Maybe we can get a burnt orange blazer on him before too long.

  2. Charlie

    As you can see from my picture, I had a pretty rough winter, but I’ll submit a new picture soon. As far as your comment Allan about me submitting my poll at 11:45 on Monday…I resemble that! Of course, I usually turned my papers in about 5 minutes before you did if I recall. And brother Dan, I think my size is a 38-30 for that blazer. This is going to be a fun fall! Gig em’

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