BrochureArchI’m leading my bi-annual ten-day trip to Israel for a tour of the Holy Lands this fall and it’s time now to start figuring out a way for you to go with me. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to Israel but you’ve never had a real opportunity. Maybe you went once many years ago and you’ve always wanted to get back. Maybe it’s on your bucket list. Everybody’s invited. You’re invited! I can only take 30 and I’ve already got six signed up. So if you’re thinking about it, get with me soon for more information and details.

We leave Texas on Monday October 31 for Tel Aviv and arrive back home on November 10. During our ten days in Israel we’re going to do it all from Dan to Beersheba. We’ll enjoy once in a lifetime experiences such as wading through the 2,700-year-old Hezekiah Tunnel, sharing a picnic on the banks of the Jordan River, floating on the Dead Sea, and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. We’ll spend our evenings together in worship and reflection, processing what we’ve experienced that day and preparing for the next day’s agenda. We’ll cross the Sea of Galilee in a replica 2,000-year-old boat, we’ll see Peter’s house and the synagogue in Capernaum, we’ll tour the magnificent ruins of Beth Shan, and we’ll marvel at the waterfalls and lush vegetation at En Gedi.

BrochureDeadSea2If you want a complete listing of every day’s agenda, all the sites we’re going to see, and the details of the arrangements, click the “Israel Trip 2016” tab at the top of this page for a copy of the brochure. The cost is $3,995 per person, which includes all airfare and ground transportation, all meals, all hotels, all admission to all the sites, and all tips and taxes. You can also email me at If you live anywhere near Amarillo, we’re holding a no-obligation, informational meeting at 1:30 Sunday afternoon March 20 at Central Church of Christ. BrochureSepulchre

Every paragraph of Holy Scripture contains geography, landscape, architecture, people, food, customs, dress, animals, agriculture, and ritual that serve to communicate the history and fact of God’s activity in our world. As you explore first-hand the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Israel on this trip, the story of our God’s faithful love will expand and deepen to penetrate your heart and soul like no other experience can.

I hope you’ll consider coming along.