In The Spirit On The Lord's Day

Worshiping God together on Sundays is the single most important thing that happens in the world.

Casting our crowns at his feet

Revelation 4-5 give us a heavenly vision of the eternal worship of our God, first as Creator, second as Redeemer. The vision from Christ, relayed to us by the Holy Spirit through the apostle John, paints the worship of God as proof of his sovereignty. It’s the picture of his complete power and authority. And it shows us clearly that he is God. And we are not.

Every animal. Every human. Every angel. All of creation is represented here in the throne room of God. And they’re all worshiping. They’re all present. They’re all in the presence of God. And they’re all engaged in giving praise and glory to God.

It’s us. It’s all of us. We’re all together, joining with the saints of all time, when we gather to worship on the Lord’s Day. We bow down and we get off our thrones. We jump down off our high horses and we take off our crowns of accomplishment and status and wealth and power and position and authority and we fall on our faces before the only one worthy of our praise.

When the creature worships the Creator, it’s more important than anything that ever happens in Austin or Washington D.C. The eternal worship of God is bigger than anything that ever goes on in London or Paris or Tokyo or Baghdad. What happens on Sundays is that the creation order is restored and the order of redemption is proclaimed. Worshiping God is the culmination of every thing we were intended to do and to be. Worship restores the original Garden of Eden order of creation. It’s what we were made for and meant for. It’s what we’re being restored for. It’s why we’re being saved.

We were made to be caught up, not in our selves or our preferences or our comforts or our likes and dislikes. We were created to be caught up in love and wonder and praise of the Almighty.



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    Happy birthday. We love you. You just continue to make us feel older and older.
    love, mom

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