G. K. Chesterton was once asked by a newspaper in London what was wrong with the world. He responded to the request with this short letter:

Dear Editor,                                                                 
What’s wrong with the world, you ask?
I am.
Cordially yours,
G. K. Chesterton

Humility and confession are the very first steps to genuinely following Jesus. Recognizing our place, admitting our shortcomings, owning up to our own faults is what allows our God to transform us into the perfect image of his holy Son.

What’s wrong with my family? I am. What’s wrong with my neighborhood? I am. What’s wrong with my church?

I am.

This kind of humility and confession allows us to throw away the guilt and frees us to live fully into the forgiveness and grace of God. It tears down the barriers. It obliterates the walls. It puts all of us together on the same broken plane where we rely not on ourselves, but on our Sovereign Lord.

There’s nothing wrong with your family or your neighborhood or your church that won’t get a whole lot better with some humility and confession. It opens us up and makes us available for God to use us as part of his great solution.