Good Morning from Ruidoso

I had company for breakfast this morning just off the back deck at the Futrells’ cabin. I’m sure they were looking for corn, and not any of my jalapeno sausage omelette.

It rained and stormed all evening and well into the night here in Ruidoso. It’s clear and 57-degrees as I’m writing this at 8:15am. Absolutely beautiful.

I’ve got the Gospel of Mark ahead of me right now. But I’m also dealing with a home warranty company on both a broken water heater and air conditioner back home in Midland. Not exactly the type of sabbatical I was planning. The water heater busted through and began leaking water early yesterday morning and the A/C stopped working yesterday evening. Would the devil attack my home appliances and systems just to wreck my week of reconnecting with the Lord?

There’s not much in life more aggravating than dealing with a home warranty company. I don’t remember praying for patience as I entered this week.



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  1. Melinda Henderson

    I am soooo sorry you’re dealing with all that while gone! Isn’t it great to have friends with cabins? Ans those hummingbirds are militant!! Maybe you’ll see the beast I showed you while you are there.

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