FallAppleSketchYou ever wanted to just throw up your hands and leave? I’m sick and tired of it. I’ve had enough. I’m done. I’m done with this job. I’m done with this marriage. I’m done with this church. You ever feel like just walking away?

As bad as things get — as bad as the people get — in Act Two, God remains engaged. He’s committed to us. He doesn’t walk away. Even in the worst parts of Genesis 3-11, God keeps loving his people. He’s forced to remove Adam and Eve from his presence, but he makes them clothes first. He protects them and blesses them with many children and long life. God protects Cain so he won’t be murdered. God saves Noah and his family. In the middle of all the wickedness, rebellion, and sin, you can hear God’s voice.

“I’ll bring someone from your family to crush the head of the snake.”

In Genesis 8, God promises, “As long as the earth endures, I’ll be here.”

After the flood, God re-ordains human beings to their original calling, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth.” Just like in Act One.

You can hear God. Even in the worst parts of this. You can hear his voice. Believe me. Trust me. Walk with me. You’re not alone. I’m still here. I still know. I still care. I haven’t walked away. I’ve not abandoned you. Choose me. Obey me. Live for me. I still love you.

We have all turned our backs on God. We’re all rejected him. We’re all guilty. And I know that even in the darkest stretches of your sin against the Lord, you still heard his voice. If you’re trapped right now in a cycle of sin you just can’t break, do you hear his voice?

Believe me. Trust me. In your anger and violence, walk with me. Obey me. In your bitterness and isolation, you’re not alone. I’m still here. In your sexual sins, your selfish sins, your sins of greed and lust, I still care about you. Choose me. Live for me. I still love you.

Listen for him. No matter where you and God are right now, he’s still right there. He’s committed to you. He’s still very much engaged with you and your situation.