Three of the local TV stations did stories last night about our annual 4 Amarillo week. You can access the Channel 4 story by clicking here, the Channel 7 story here, and the channel 10 story here.


I would ask you to please be in prayer this week for our churches and for all the people who are being impacted by these work projects. Pray for the women who will live in these renovated apartments. Coming out of abuse and addiction, enrolled in skills and coping programs, these women desperately need the kind of fresh start and support these little town homes will give them. And pray for the families of the children who are being fed lunch and told about the love of Jesus at Wills and San Jacinto elementary schools. These kids and their folks are mostly living day to day, financially distressed, transient, the majority of them with little to no knowledge of our risen and reigning Lord Jesus.


May God’s will be done in us and through us to his eternal glory and praise!