“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.” ~Philippians 1:6

God always finishes what he starts. Always. That’s why Paul can look back on what looks like a really lousy time in Philippi with gratitude and joy. Because God had started something in Philippi. And God always finishes what he starts.

God started something in Abraham when Abraham was a hundred years old and married to a barren old lady; and he finished it by giving Abraham more descendants than the sands on the shore. God started something with Joseph in the bottom of a well; and he finished it by feeding the whole world. God started something with a baby named Moses who was ordered to be killed by the most powerful ruler on the planet; and he finished it by rescuing his people out of slavery. God started something with David, the youngest and least impressive of all the sons of a shepherd in Judah; and he finished it by blessing his holy people with more peace and prosperity than they had ever known. God started something in Peter, a middle school flunkee fisherman, working the graveyard shift on the smelly nets at the Sea of Galilee; and he finished it by making Peter and his words a foundational pillar of his eternal Church. God always finishes what he starts.

What has God started in you? I’m not asking what God has finished in you — he’s not finished yet; I don’t care who or where you think you are, God is not done with you. But what has he started in you? Was it thirty years ago? Was it just a couple of weeks ago? What has God started with you?

Maybe you’re thinking, “God has not started anything in me.” Maybe what you remember, maybe your past, is so troubling and so difficult, maybe your present is so bad, you don’t feel like God’s done anything.

No. God has started something in you. He has. I don’t know where you’ve been. I don’t know all the people and places and events in your life. But I do know that our God has never, ever left you. Never.

I would also say that just the fact that you’re reading this post, that you’re right now hearing the word of God and considering his eternal promises means he has started something with you. And you can trust. You can know. He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion.

Abraham lied about his wife and had a son with Hagar instead of Sarah; but God didn’t quit. Joseph was rotting away in an Egyptian prison; but God didn’t give up. The Israelites built a golden calf and brought idols into the Temple; but God didn’t stop. David intentionally broke half of the Ten Commandments in one terrible weekend; but God didn’t throw in the towel. Peter publically denied the Christ, Paul was ruthlessly killing Christians, the evil powers of this planet and beyond had conspired to murder Jesus on a cross; but that didn’t slow God down one bit.

God has started something. Something in you. And God always finishes what he starts.