We really are listening to some really great speakers at the annual Pepperdine Lectures this week. But it’s just not very exciting to post pictures of Rick Atchley and David Kinneman. On top of that, there’s just absolutely no time to reflect in this space on all the compelling sermons and informative teaching. So, I’m just posting a couple of pictures to illustrate what happens before and after the lecture sessions.

This first pic is of some of the finest people I know, all brought together for a wonderful dinner at Malibu Seafood. HubDaddy and his wife, Debbie. Jim Martin. Grady King. John Mullican. Crazy Ray Vannoy’s eyeball.¬†Andrew next to Ray. Greg’s in there. The edge of Jason’s glasses are in the picture. And two bearded guys I just met.







Jason and Greg and I took off during an afternoon break to hit the beach here in Malibu. Come on, we had a couple of hours, the sun was out, no wind, 70-degrees, free parking along the Pacific Coast Highway, what would you do? We were able to convince Greg to keep his shirt on, but we couldn’t keep him from practicing his yoga postures.