TonyRomoDownAtEaglesGood morning from ACU Summit. First, let me say that listening to that Cowboys-Eagles game while I drove here from Amarillo yesterday was excruciating. It was difficult listening to it; it must have been unbearable to actually watch it. Dallas had a turnover margin of -3 in the first game and still won. They committed a franchise-record 18-penalties yesterday and still won. They’re living dangerously, for sure. Now with Brandon Weeden running this sputtering offense…

Nine wins will be enough to take the NFC East. I’m not sure Dallas will get there.

Four of us ministers from Central are here in Abilene this week. My great friends Jason and Dan arrive tonight. So many preachers and teachers who have profoundly impacted my faith and my life are here at Summit and I’m going to try to spend some time with as many of them as I can. Posting to this site will be sporadic this week. I know you understand.