The Golf Course Road Church is packing 285,120 freeze-dried meals next month and sending them to the Ukrainian border to feed the women and children displaced by the Russian war. Through our partnership with Lifeline Christian Mission, we’ll pack the boxes together as a community in our church gym on Friday and Saturday April 29-30 and then ship them directly to the war refugees in Eastern Europe.

I know everyone in Midland has been wanting something tangible, something practical, something real we can do to send support and relief to all those people impacted by the terrible violence and destruction in Ukraine. We’re all watching the videos, reading the stories, seeing the news – it’s everywhere. And we’re all filled with an intense desire to do something helpful, something that will legitimately meet a genuine need and make a real difference in the lives of those victims.

We feel like this is it.

If you live in the Midland/Odessa area or anywhere in this Permian Basin region, please click on this link to register for a food-packing shift. Each shift lasts an-hour-and-a-half and includes a quick training. Hair nets and gloves will be provided for each volunteer and we’ve got spots for one thousand volunteers. But they’re going fast. Sign up in a slot with your whole family, get together with your Bible class or your small group, pack food boxes with your friends from work or from your gym or your child’s soccer team. First Presbyterian Church in Midland is partnering with us in this mission and will fill a whole bunch of the shifts. I know at least a couple of volleyball clubs in Midland who practice in our GCR gym are also signed up to help. You and your group can certainly join us – everybody’s invited!

Typically, Lifeline coordinates these food-packing events so that boxes from several cities are combined in the shipping containers before they’re sent. But we’re taking on a whole container right here in our parking lot. We’re not sharing, we’re not splitting this up. This is Midland’s container. This is food from Midland, Texas for Ukraine.

And I’m beside myself with anticipation over what our Lord is going to do with this.

May this event unite the Christians in Midland together in love and worship and service to others. May this food be a blessing to those who are suffering untold devastation and loss in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. And may the name of our Lord be praised.