My sister Rhonda’s youngest son, Asa , got married to a beautiful young lady named Addie Saturday night on a beach in Destin, Florida. And I was filled with gratitude and joy to be the one officiating the ceremony. What a great honor to be asked to perform a marriage ceremony – any marriage ceremony! But to be asked by your nephew and his bride is a tremendous honor and privilege I’ll never forget.

I’m still not sure why a guy from Edmond, Oklahoma and a girl from Frisco, Texas have to go all the way to Florida to get married. But we were happy to make the trip. Rhonda rented a massive beach house two blocks from the ocean and we all stayed together for three days and three nights, hitting the beach when it wasn’t too cold, hanging out at the heated pool in the backyard, eating wonderful food, and playing games late into the night.








I had never preached a wedding on the beach before, certainly I’d never done one barefooted. But per Addie’s request, we all shook off our shoes Saturday evening and enjoyed a fabulous ceremony with a marvelous backdrop of an ocean sunset with all the scenery and sounds that go with it.

Addie and Asa, you two do love each other. That’s very clear. People who know you best say you’re proof that opposites attract. But what I see is that you balance each other so well. You really do complement each other so perfectly. You both put the other first. You protect each other and care for each other. You both have a sense of purpose together and you’re focused. You both love our Lord and are committed to his people. And I am just beside myself with anticipation over what God is going to do in you and through you together to his glory and praise.

Thank you for asking me to marry you two this weekend. I can’t describe how honored I feel. Be assured that I, and everyone on both sides of our families, will move heaven and earth to help you and support you and love you for as long as we live.

May the grace of God bless your marriage relationship and all your relationships. May the love of Christ crown your marriage with increasing joy and peace. And may the power of the Holy Spirit unite your hearts and your lives together forever.