Delay of Game

I’m sorry I’m so late with today’s post. I’ve been online all day trying to order a Tony Romo jersey.

Just kidding.

Forgive me. Today got completely away from me before it ever got started.

Now I’m waiting until tomorrow to get into all the ways our families and our churches and our institutions of higher learning are failing our teens. It’ll be one of those long, long posts that will probably spark more thought and discussion than anything else we’ve treated on this blog. And it’ll probably last the rest of the week. But it’s much more important than sacred space and song selection. The issue is so much bigger and deeper. And it impacts every last one of us.

¬†Forgive me. And give me ’til tomorrow.




  1. Rob's Dad

    What a way to tease a segment. I’m looking forward to your HSO on it.

    Quick Cowboy note – terrific half-time adjustments, can we teach Flozell to count and Roy Williams how to actually tackle?

  2. Allan

    OK. Perfect. I need this little secular diversion for a second.
    Roy Williams is only concerned with one thing: making the big hit. It’s all he cares about. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s so slow and gets burned in coverage all the time or if it’s because he can’t catch or if it’s because he played at OU. All of those are bad things. But he’s trying to compensate for those obvious deficiencies in his game by continually going for the big hit. And increasingly missing the play altogether.
    Let me share a Roy Williams quote with you. This is from the September 2006 football edition of Texas Monthly. He was responding to a question about what goes through his mind as soon as the ball is snapped.
    “I want to give the runner as much punishment as possible. Where can I hit him? What’s his weak spot? Can I get a kill shot, or do I just bring him down? Anybody can make a tackle, but a big hit is something beyond that. It’s a great feeling.”
    It’s all he cares about. His play last night sums up his attitude and his talent level. He’s trying too hard to make the highlight reels and he’s letting opposing receivers run wild. Obviously not anybody can make a tackle. He surely can’t.
    Stop using Ducat Lingo on this blog!!!!

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