One week of sabbatical plus one week of vacation plus an epic meltdown for the Rangers that’s taken up way too much of my energy plus yesterday’s tremendous Longhorns statement at Alabama, and I have not posted my annual game by game prediction for the Dallas Cowboys. I’m not going to attempt to do it now. Kickoff is in less than an hour. My only concern at this point is making sure I get my prediction posted so there will be no ambiguity later.


That’s the Cowboys record this year. For all the following reasons:

Dallas is playing in the NFL’s toughest division. Yes, it’s hard to believe. But last season the NFC East won 42 games, no team had a losing record, and every team in the division improved its roster over the summer. The Eagles are the best team in the division. The Giants still have Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones has another year of experience. And Washington is going to be better, if for no other reason, because Daniel Snyder is out as owner.

The Cowboys play the NFL’s third most difficult schedule this season. They play six of last year’s playoff teams on the road.

Tony Pollard will go from 8-10 touches per game to being the focal point of the offense with 22-24 touches per game. He will not be a factor in the 4th quarters and he will not be as good a pass blocker against the blitz.

Dak Prescott will miss at least a game or two with injury. And Cooper Rush won’t be the answer this time. He just won’t. That doesn’t happen two years in a row.

Mike McCarthy is calling all the plays for the first time as Cowboys coach. This is not a positive development.

Jerry Jones is still the General Manager. He makes roster moves without notifying his coaches. And he’s fighting a personal injury lawsuit  for sexual assault, one more thing to add to all the normal distractions that come with Jerry Wayne.

Dallas has upgraded the cornerback and wide receiver corps, but they don’t have a go-to tight end or a proven kicker. The offensive line is shaky and I have no idea what a “Texas Coast” offense looks like. And, did I mention, Mike McCarthy is calling the plays this year.

A 10-7 record seems about right.

Go Giants.