Here’s a quote I didn’t have time to include in this past Sunday’s sermon about eating and drinking at Christ’s table:

“There is little that we can point to in our lives as deserving anything but God’s wrath. Our best moments have been mostly grotesque parodies. Our best loves have been almost always blurred with selfishness and deceit. But there is something to which we can point. Not anything that we ever did or were, but something that was done for us by another. Not our own lives, but the life of one who died in our behalf and yet is still alive. This is our only glory and our only hope. And the sound that it makes is the sound of excitement and gladness and laughter that floats through the night air from a great banquet.”    ~Frederick Buechner

The table of our Lord has always been the place to experience his great love and mercy, his forgiveness and peace, and righteous relationship with him and all his children. Praise God for the weekly grace of the Lord’s Supper. And for the seats he has reserved for us at the wedding feast of the Lamb.