Our God has called us to join him in a great adventure. He’s restoring all of creation back to its original Garden of Eden condition, he’s forgiving sin and redeeming humanity, he’s making it all perfectly right. And he wants us to be involved. God has invited us to grab the marvelous treasure buried in the field; he’s opened the doors to that pearl of great price; he’s summoned us to eat and drink with him at his banquet table piled high with the richest of foods and the finest of wines. We don’t know what kind of danger is in front of us. We know it’s going to take a tremendous sacrifice, but we’re not exactly clear on how much. We know it will require perseverance and endurance, daring and risk. The adventure demands everything we’ve got. But the reward! Oh, the reward of dwelling in a righteous relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth!

What better setting to consider the adventure than in the hills of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Central’s annual Family Camp was this past weekend at Camp Blue Haven, and Mary had us set up perfectly. Like Hernando Cortez, we burned our boats Friday night, pledging as families to rid ourselves of the things that are keeping us from going full-speed ahead, brakes-off, no-looking-back for the prize. We talked about our busy schedules, all the technology, attitude issues, and other things that are in the way. We wrote these things on our paper boats and then, together, threw them into the fire. Saturday morning we spent time in the woods reading and praying about Jacob’s ladder and the promise from God to be with us always no matter where we go.

Worship and games, food and crafts, log cabins and campfires and more little kids than adults. Horned toads and snakes —- Valerie actually held a three foot Garter snake! — turtles and lizards, and rumors of a bear. A highly competitive game of Phase Ten (C’mon, Wendy, lighten up!) and a hilarious round of Telephone Pictionary. Levi and Tommy cooked the steaks. We all took turns cleaning up. I never quite got that clean picture of Kimmie. And we all took care of the kids — it seemed like there were several hundred.

It’s an adventure, all right. As we pursue the prize and chase the treasure, we never really know what’s around the corner. But we’re blessed to be in the adventure with one another. We’re not alone. Our Christian company gives us confidence and courage. And our mighty God gives us the guarantee that if we join him with everything we’ve got, the prize is ours.