We just returned home from a great Spring Sing weekend at Oklahoma Christian University with Valerie. She and her sisters of Theta Theta Theta received fourth place honors for their portrayal of A Bug’s Life, marking Theta’s first recognition since 2003! Delta’s show was good, but not good enough to win, place, or show, continuing their unfortunate string of 20-years in a row without a Spring Sing trophy.

I guess Carrie-Anne and I were lucky to attend OC during Delta’s and Theta’s Spring Sing heydays. Delta won first place in the two years prior to my freshman year and placed three out of my four years as a participant. Theta also placed three of those four years, taking the first place¬†trophy two of those years. It’s the end now of a long, long drought for the Doves and, hopefully, a return to their long-past glory. For Delta… man, I don’t know. This may take a while longer.

Val’s kicking with some former Legacy buddies at OC: Dillon, Bailee, Colton, and Trevor. I think I’ve got some old FaithBuilders pictures somewhere of these guys when they were fifth graders together. It’s so much fun to see these kids all doing so well.

We had a blast hanging with Val and my sister, Rhonda, and her family. It’s always good to see Chris Adair and to run into old Delta brothers like Jeff Hyatt and Scott Williamson. We had dinner at Ted’s Saturday with Dan & Jennifer Burdett and their girls. And I got to hear my old radio partner Randy Roper preach this morning at the Edmond Church of Christ where they gathered around Valerie and her college buddies who are taking off Saturday for a Spring Sing mission trip to McAllen, Texas for a congregational prayer of commission and blessing.

A dad couldn’t ask for a much better weekend. I feel very blessed by our God that he’s got our daughter in such a good place, surrounded by such good people, and on a very solid path of discipleship and sacrificial service in the name and manner of our Lord Jesus. Very happy. Very proud. Very grateful.