I can’t say anything more clever or more accurate than what Bob Sturm has already said: “I want him fouled every minute of their first game here. Six hour game. 148 free throws. We will set records.”

Who knew that DeAndre Jordan converts a higher percentage of his free throws than his free agency signings?

This gutless about-face will go down in Mavs history with the Roy Tarpley flame-out and the Sean Bradley signing. This sucker-punch sinks the Mavs for the foreseeable future, maybe for a decade, maybe longer. Dirk doesn’t survive this. Neither does Carlisle. Compare it to Jackie Smith’s drop or Nelson Cruz’s bobble. The franchise may never recover.

If this is the kind of integrity Jordan has, no wonder he gags at the stripe. He clearly doesn’t have the nerve to be a number one guy anywhere. No stomach for it. It’s sickening.