40 Years of Bull

I’m joining more than 160 of my¬† All-Sports-Trophy-winning, standard-of-excellence-setting, Cushman-dodging, Dean-Mock-head-slapping, Stafford-North-quoting, maroon-and-gold-bleeding, Delta brothers for a 40th Anniversary bash this weekend in Oklahoma City. Oh, yeah. It was forty years ago when Chester Knight, Albert McKutcheon, Tom Fultz and friends decided to eternally re-define the meaning of “social service club” by establishing Delta Gamma Sigma on the campus of Oklahoma Christian College.

This weekend, we come together to celebrate 40 years of “Strength through Unity, Dependability, and Pride.” Forty years of “It’s Good to be the King.” Four decades of “It Just Doesn’t Matter.” Forty years of proving over and over again that “Delta’s not for everybody, and everybody’s not for Delta.”

I’ve already had lunch today at Ted’s with my great friend Mike Osburn, pouring over the old ACLU documents and disciplinary letters. I’m looking forward to seeing the “Schecretary,” the “Keymaster,” Meador our Leader, Dobson and Branch, Dave Butts, James O., Huge and Jeff Mac, Stratton and Wayne and Sheldon and all the great friends with whom, by the grace of God, I survived college.

A big cookout tonight on the OC campus, a golf tournament tomorrow morning, and a fancy banquet tomorrow night.

Here’s to forty years of excellence, boys.


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  1. adair

    so glad you were here this weekend

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