29 and Holding

It seems impossible that our first born daughter, our Little Whittle, is turning 29 today.


Oh, yeah. She’s old.

She is optimistic and hopeful and cheerful beyond belief. She’s a non-stop chatter box, about her work, about her friends, about her sisters, about the children’s ministry at GCR, about whatever the Cowboys or Mavericks or Stars or Rangers or Longhorns did last night. Non-stop. She is faithful and loyal to a fault. She has the deepest bluest eyes you’ve ever seen and a nervous laugh that’s as cute as you’ve ever heard. She’s a decent Backgammon player and an unbeatable fiend at Connect Four. She’s a devout reader of Scripture, an inspiring leader of prayers, and a committed follower of our Lord Jesus. She’s a people person. She’s a rock star at Market Street. She has no filter. She’s as honest as the day is long. She’s generous. She is a giving and sharing person. She takes in a lot of movies and stays up way too late watching whatever game is being played on the West Coast. She sees the very best in everybody. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. She forgives completely. She loves quickly. And she is really easy to love right back. She reflects the glory of our God in word and deed, in attitude and outlook. She brings joy to her parents and to everyone she meets.

And she is old.

Happy Birthday, Whitney. I love you dearly.



  1. Jason

    HBD Whitster!

  2. Judy Judkins

    Awwww, hope you had a wonderful Cake n Candles Day, Whitney! You’re precious, inside and out!

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